"We are conducting Village Stability Operations in AF. We train and mentor Afghan Local Police. Our team has some hog saddles to try. We have been using them in OP sites… As you know we always made these out of receptacle boxes or PVC. We like the durability, light weight, and quick acquisition of the mount. We train and mentor Afghan Local Police. The "kids" at the OP really got a kick out of the MK 13!
Thanks for a great product"

-MSOC Gunnery Sergeant in Afghanistan

"I had one of your Hog Saddle prototypes over in the Sand Box. Easily put two rounds together, center mass on target at 350 yards. Bad-ass product."

–Marine Scout Sniper

"For years we’ve been looking for a solid tripod rest and never found one. We have seen every type of mount there is… We have never seen anything like the Hog Saddle. It keeps the rifle firmly in position and on target. It’s a solid product. I would like every instructor to be outfitted with one."

– SOTG Urban Sniper Instructor, Camp Pendleton, CA

"We just received the Hog Saddle order. The team loves them. They should be a big asset to our Mk-13 .300 Win Mags!"

– MARSOC Marine Sniper

"As far as the Hog saddle mounts go… we qualified on Friday with tripods and blew the qual out of the water. So no complaints at all. Every sniper that has seen one has got to have one. Got a bunch of people asking for one."

- 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, Chief Scout Sniper/Scout Sniper School Instructor
(Sent while attending SOTG Urban Sniper Course)

"I’m not going to lie, when I first saw your product I got pissed off. Why didn’t I think of that? The Hog Saddle is a solid piece of kit that should have been around a long time ago but I am glad it was at least another Marine who came up with the product."

– Force Recon Sniper

"I’m sold. Every sniper needs a Hog Saddle."

– Marine Corps Scout Sniper School Instructor, Camp Pendleton, CA

"I wish this product was around when I was still in the Marines. We were shooting off of sticks and chunks of modified PVC pipe. You always had to maintain control of the rifle while balanced on top of a jerry-rigged Walmart tripod support. The Hog Saddle now allows the sniper to easily keep ‘scope on target’ and still be able to manage comms, shift rotation, range cards, etc..."

– Marine Scout Sniper, 2004-2008

"We’ve been looking for a solid, durable rifle mount for a long time. The Hog Saddle is exactly what we’ve been looking for."

– MARSOC Team Leader/Sniper

"This design is over engineered and over built. What do you expect me to do with this?"

– Mechanical Engineer, during Hog Saddle refinement meeting

"My snipers love the Hog Saddle. We were easily taking shots at 800 and 900m with our 300WM’s. You will be expecting an order to outfit my team when we get back."

-Navy Seal Team Leader

"The Hog Saddle is a solid piece of kit and I think every sniper who graduates from our course needs to have one."

-Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command


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Hog Saddle by Shadow Tech LLC

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A Shot is rarely taken from the prone. Designed by a Marine Scout Sniper and OIF Veteran, a rifle rest tailored to the Special Operations and Law Enforcement community. Universally mounts to any tripod platform which incorporates 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread attachments